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Cynthia Dawn Ericson, Principal
West Chester, PA  19382
November 30, 2012

Welcome to my radio show “This Week in Business & Service”

“This Week in Business & Service” with Cynthia Ericson airs Tuesday from 3pm – 4pm EST.  The show is a weekly news hour focused upon the Local, National and International business & service community as it relates to our own Chester County, Pennsylvania business leaders.  Our goal is to discuss and gain unique insight into what drives Chester County business owners as they tackle present day challenges and proactively plan for the future.  Our show is streamed during air time!  Every show is different – so tune in and capture the moment! 

My radio career started by doing a PSA (public service announcement) about my Rotary Club’s pancake breakfast back in 2006 with WCOJ.  We had such fun that WCOJ’s Rob Henson invited me as his permanent bi-weekly guest for “Rotary Hour”!  When WCOJ was sold in the fall of 2008, WCHE’s owner Jay Shur and general manager Bill Mason asked me if I would like to develop two of my own shows and in that instant my own radio show career began!  I am not an employee of WCHE and am not compensated for my time producing my shows.  I love doing radio and the opportunity it has provided to meet and shine the spotlight on extraordinary people and their team!       

If you are going to be my guest please note the following information:
Relax and have fun – the show is conversational and casual – be yourself!
- When you enter WCHE please have a seat in the front room / waiting area and I will be out to get you when we are ready to begin your interview.    
Radio Station Address: 105 West Gay Street, West Chester,  PA  19380
Station phone:  610-692-3131
- Guest call-in is only used if absolutely necessary. People who are committing to being on the show should expect to be there physically unless discussed with Cynthia. The call in number is:  610-436-4003 (guests being interviewed remotely).
Tuesday time arrival-Business & Service 2:45pm / Recording Show 3:45pm
- The hour is segmented into two 30 minute shows.  For each segment we encourage you to secure your partner, colleague, client or vendor to join you on the show– the dynamic of two individuals make for a great interview!
- If you are the second segment you will have an estimated 25 minute wait until your interview begins.
- Radio Station Website:
- Please allow time for parking (street/meter parking or garage)

We would love to provide you with a copy of your interview – if you are interested please make a minimum donation of $35.00 to The Stephen Chandler Ericson Foundation and once received we will email you your show.  The Stephen Chandler Ericson Foundation scholarship has been helping to educate West Chester high school seniors with their freshman year of college or trade school since 1985.  To make your donation please go to and click on DONATE NOW. Please note that if there is more than 1 person being interviewed each individual will need to make a minimum donation of $35 to secure a recording.   

Receiving your Radio Interview Recording!
If you do a live show your recording will be available, typically, the following week.  If you are recording your interview the copy will be available the following month.  We use to email the recordings and it comes through as a separate email named not as Cynthia Ericson, so please keep a look out for it.  Please check your spam / junk email folders to make sure it doesn’t end up there.  For posting the podcast to your own website, please contact your website provider on specific instructions and procedures as every website is unique. 

How to open the recording and listen

1.      Open the email
2.      Click on the link below the phrase: “Use the following link to retrieve your file”
3.      A new webpage browser window will open
4.     Click on the blue box that reads “Click here to start download from Send Space”
5.      After download is complete click “open” to open the file to listen to it OR click “save” to save the file to your computer for later use.  

If you have any questions about receiving or opening the recording once you have received it we are more than happy to walk you through it and make sure that you are able to listen to it.

Please be aware that radio show dates are subject to change and if your show has to be rescheduled you will be contacted to secure a new date.

If we are recording your interview please note that your show will typically air within a few weeks following the recording.  Once your interview is confirmed your airdate will be established.

Information we need about you (we must receive 4 weeks prior to your interview):
·Biography / Resume
·General topics you wish to discuss?
·What service does your organization provide?
·Where are you located / address?
·Phone number?
·What is your website?
·What are your hours of operation?
·How did it begin?
·When did it begin?
·What was the inspiration?
·What are your greatest success stories?
·What are your greatest challenges?
·How has your team been challenged by the economy?

Thank you for thinking of “This Week in Business & Service” and Ericson Strategic Marketing Solutions! 

Cynthia Dawn Ericson, Principal
Ericson Strategic Marketing Solutions