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Ericson Strategic Marketing Solutions
Internship Program


"I've been working at ESMS for 10 months and I have found it to be an incredibly valuable and rewarding experience. It has helped me with my communication and time management skills. Cynthia works with the other interns to create a positive work environment and always encourages new ideas. I’m excited to see the internship grow for Cynthia in the future. Overall working at ESMS has given me a great foundation, especially when it comes to building my resume." 

Jules Villante 
2012 West Chester University
Bachelor of Arts, Marketing
Internship 2012


"Working with Cynthia at Ericson Strategic Marketing Solutions has been a great opportunity for me. The internship has trained me to speak professionally through emails and telephone calls. It has provided me with confidence as I enter the business world and I have gained better attention to detail.  I have learned the importance of small details and the negative impact that they can have if they are not emphasized.  Working at ESMS and working with the clients, social media, and management of the radio show has taught me valuable firsthand experience in preparation for graduation."  
 Lauren Kolowitz
2013 West Chester University
Bachelor of Arts, Marketing
Internship 2012-2013


"The internship program at Ericson Strategic Marketing Solutions, is an extremely rewarding one. It will empower students to get their hands dirty in the real world of marketing, and they will be able to see the effects of their work. Cynthia Ericson provides great direction and wisdom enabling the interns to grow as marketers. This internship is sure to make anyone a better marketing professional."

Daniel Martin
2011 St. Joesphs University
Bachelor of Arts, Food Marketing

"The ESMS internship is a great experience and first step into the marketing world. It allows you the opportunity to have a hand in a number of different projects from working on clients social networking sites and organizing fundraisers to researching and booking guests for the radio show. Not only did I gain professional experience, but the small setting really allowed me to become close with the other interns as well as Sid. Even if you do not go on to a career that involves the type of marketing done at ESMS, it is a great foundation for fine-tuning skills needed in all areas of business."

Victoria Brandolini
2012 Penn State University
Bachelor of Arts, Marketing
Internship 2012


“I worked at ESMS for over a year and the relationship I gained with Cynthia and the other interns is something other places can’t offer. I gained better communication skills and learned how to manage multiple projects simultaneously. ESMS is a small company but what really counts is the type of environment that Cynthia has built for her interns and her clients. She treats everyone like family.  She openly encourages new ideas and loves hearing our feedback on projects. Overall working at ESMS was an amazing experience and I would encourage any junior or senior looking for an internship to apply.”

Ashley Dennon

2012 West Chester University / Cum Laude Graduate
Bachelor of Arts, Marketing
Internship 2011– 2012