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Radio Show Testimonials

"It was an honor to be invited to speak with Cynthia on "This Week in Business and Service." As the founder and director of a young and growing dance company, it was wonderful to have the opportunity to share our company's history and mission with the listeners on WCHE. Cynthia was very thorough in her research, and as a result, presented our organization in the best light possible."
Kelly Murray, Founder/Artistic Director
180 Dance Company, West Chester, PA

"I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Cynthia. I have done many radio interviews and I can say that working with Cynthia was by far the easiest experience I've had. She does a great job at preparing you before the interview on how the experience will work. She makes sure she's knowledgeable about what you will be talking about to help make the interview go smoothly. And, of course, she's extremely easy to talk to. Her personality can light up a room and it made the interview all the easier to do!"
Paul Daigle, Director of Development Initiatives
Operation Warm, Philadelphia, PA

"It was such a pleasure to be on the show yesterday with Cynthia. She made me feel so comfortable throughout the interview, especially when she would jump in and round out the information I was presenting. It was so obvious that she scrupulously does her homework as she was so informed about Joya. Her prompts for me were perfect. I came away feeling that I had presented my company well, hitting most of the key points...all thanks to Cynthia. Suzann and I truly appreciate the opportunity to be on the show."
Paulette Yost and Suzann Jaagus, Owners
Joya Boutique, West Chester, PA

"I always appreciate the opportunity to be on Cynthia's shows. Whether we are talking business or service, Cynthia has such true interest in everything that goes on around West Chester and she wants the listeners to be well informed by the end of the show. She asks questions that spark great conversations keeping the guest and listners engaged. Well done - thanks for your service to our community."
Sue Casso, Owner
Custom Printing and Promotions, West Chester, PA

"Cynthia Ericson is a delightful host for This Week in Business and This Week in Service. She brings programs that are of great benefit to the local community and brings out the best in those who are guests on the show. I have had the privilege to contribute to 3 shows over the past two years and found the experience both professional rewarding and fun. Cynthia made me feel welcomed, respected and encouraged to share my stories with listeners. I have suggested to many colleagues that they also participate in the programs. It is a pleasure listening and contributing to these programs. Always well done."
Dr. Renata Maslowski, President
OWLS For Science, Phoenixville, PA

"Cynthia is engaging, energizing, and enthusiastic. She carries a conversation extremely well and directs the interview to important and thought-provoking topics. As someone being interviewed, I felt that what I had to say was important to Cynthia and also to the radio listeners. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience on her show."
Jim Ford, Director
Good Works Inc., Coatesville, PA

"This week in Business & Service, hosted by Cynthia Ericson offers a wide array of topics of interest to a very diverse listening audience. Her kind offer to feature The Whitford Charitable Fund's annual fundraising event for the benefit of Chester County charitable and service providing organizations provide us with a vehicle to expand our reach beyond our immediate membership, which proved to be invaluable. The event, The Whitford Classic, which included a Golf and Tennis event, along with a Gala dinner dance and auction raised over $90,000 for eight organizations in Chester County. Cynthia's conversational approach in hosting her show made it extremely easy to participate, and to share the purpose and value of our event with her listeners." 
Bruce R. Hockman, Executive Vice President
Towers Watson, Philadelphia PA

"I have been interviewed twice by Cynthia, once for my business, (McCoy Enterprises) and once for a not for profit organization, (Greater Philadelphia Senior Executive Group/GPSEG). Cynthia conducts her interviews in such a way that it is like having a conversation with a best friend. She asks the questions that get to the key topics of the issue. She also really cares about the people she interviews by doing the homework to know what they do and why they do it. The best part of the interview is getting the big hug before and after the interview. She is top notch and I would love to see her doing a TV talk show."
Robert M. Madonna, Principal and EVP Sales & Marketing
McCoy Enterprises, West Chester, PA

"Being interviewed by Cynthia is just like sitting with a good friend around the kitchen table and updating her on what is going on. Cynthia makes you feel very comfortable and at ease, so you forget you are on the air.
Fred Weiner, Director
Dragonfly Forest, Conshohocken, PA

I have had the pleasure of being able to share with Cynthia’s audience information about the services that The Chester County Hospital provides to our community and the important ways in which the community is able to support their Hospital. Each time I come on the show it been a great experience. Cynthia’s genuine concern for the community and easy going manner make appearing on and listening to her programs fun."
Thomas Gavin, Director
The Chester County Hospital, West Chester, PA
Thank you for hosting me as a guest on your radio show - This Week in Service. The show provides a wonderful opportunity for guests to promote their programs. Cynthia provides a valuable opportunity for her listeners to learn about services offered in Chester County. She is an excellent host. Cynthia engages her guests, highlights key points, and knows how to connect with both her guests and audience."
Monica Zimmerman,
Director, Cottrell Entrepreneurial Leadership Center
West Chester University, West Chester, PA

"Appearing on Cynthia's "This Week in Business" and "This Week in Service" radio shows on WCHE 1520AM is a pleasure. Cynthia is well-prepared, engaging, and certainly makes a first-time radio goer feel at home. I continue to support Cynthia's show as I find it good practice in sharing my unique value as a local professional and philanthropist, but I also believe it serves the community well too."
Peter Blok, Owner 
Blok Financial, LLC, West Chester, PA

“I sincerely enjoyed talking to Cynthia about my job responsibilities and the services offered to the residents of the county by the Chester County Health Department. The interview seemed more like a friendly conversation between friends than a radio interview. Thanks for the opportunity to share important information.”
Irene Shetron
Chester County Health Department, West Chester, PA

"We would like to thank Cynthia for having Helping the Helpless Pet Rescue and Camp K9 Paradise for Paws on This Week in Service. The interview was relaxed and fun yet still done in a professional manner. This Week in Service is a great way for organizations like ours to get our name out in front of the public as well as learn more about what is happening in our community. Once again we want to thank Cynthia and everyone involved with the show. It was a great experience that we would do again!"
Veronica Henson, Founder
Helping the Helpless Pets, Coatesville, PA

"There's no need for radio experience when you are on the air with Sid. She has the ability to put anyone's nerves at ease and let their best self shine."
Molly Nece, CEO
Molly Sunshine Group and Legacy Producers

“Cynthia is one of the best interviewers I have encountered.  The first time we met for my radio interview, she knew everything about my business.  She had printed out my website and had made comments in the margins.  When we went live, she made me feel so comfortable and was spot-on with questions and comments.  If there was a lull in the conversation, she filled in the space with something I would have said.  It was like she was reading my mind, she knew me.  Cynthia repeatedly told listeners my website address and, because of her, my website hits go up each time I am on her show.  I would highly recommend Cynthia at WCHE.  She is awesome!”
Linda S. Jassmond Lanfear, Certified Personal Trainer
Linda S. Jassmond, LLC

"Thank you for the opportunity to share the good work that the Chester County Food Bank is doing with your radio audience. Cynthia is a wonderful host. She is well prepared, asks leading questions and has a loving heart for those in need. Shine on!" 
Phoebe Kitson, Program Manager
Chester County Food Bank, West Chester, PA
"Cynthia is a wonderful host...after 5 minutes I felt like I have known her forever!!! The whole radio experience was fun and Cynthia makes it sound effortless."
Kiki Comerford, Owner
Jane Chalfant Shop, West Chester, PA
"On May 1st, 2012, I was invited to join “This Week in Business” to tell listeners about the tragic death of my niece, Amy C. Stevens (on October 28, 2010 in a car accident on her way home from school) and the scholarship foundation that has been established in her memory. Cynthia was a gracious host who helped me tell a very difficult story about this tragedy but also about the good that our family has tried to build coming off of it. I was honored to be given the opportunity to share our story and only hope listeners will talk to their children about the importance of safe driving, the fragility of life, and the importance of making sound decisions as there are no ‘do-overs’ in life. God bless our Amy."
Carol M. Hunter, Market Development
MasterCard Worldwide, Wilmington, DE

“I believe that working together and networking with agencies in the community will facilitate serving people’s needs. Allowing me to participate in your radio show helped bring awareness about Chester County Women’s Services Medical’s programs. Cynthia was a great host and made me feel welcome and comfortable. It was evident she has a heart for the community!”
Myriam Ruager, Executive Director
CC Women’s Services, West Chester, PA